This was my first ever project that involved JavaScript. I had to learn its syntax, which I kinda did by learning through Codecademy. I initially thought this project was going to be easy but it turns out that it was a little more complicated than I thought it would be.


  1. Be able to specify X hour interval (1 - 8)
  2. Info page on how much water you should be drinking and how many cups of water you should drink if you choose X hour interval
  3. Help page on how to use the bot
  4. Remind the user to drink Y cups of water every X hours
  5. Let the user be able to log how many cups of water they’ve drank since they started
  6. Restart timer every time the user logs

what i learned

  1. JavaScript syntax.
  2. An introduction to asynchronous programming.
  3. Building Discord bots.
  4. Using Node JS.
  5. Reading and writing files with JavaScript.



I dived into this project thinking it was gonna be easy. I already had the “logic” in my head and could have easily done it had it been in Java and not in JavaScript where asynchronous programming was prevalant. At the end of the day, I had to simplify what my bot would do because of how asynchronous works. I think it forced me to think in a different way. I would definitely want to learn more about it for other Discord bots.



Info Command

Hydro Homie in Action