My first actual electronics project that features 4 bit decoding through Arduino programming and outputting through a 7 segment display.


A basic circuit and program that displays a 4 bit input onto a 7 segment display.

what i learned

  1. C++ using Arduino IDE.
  2. Digital input and output. (Logical ones and zeros)
  3. Resistors and it’s purpose.
  4. Ohm’s Law.
  5. How electricity flows through in a circuit.
  6. How 7 segment displays work.
  7. What a truth table is and how to make one.
  8. How to turn binary into a digit.



Using C++ and how Arduino programming was structured was already familiar with me because it’s similar to what is used in VEX Robotics (RobotC and PROS). In the future, I would like to be able to use 8 bits and incorporate multiple segments. The arduino doesn’t have enough pins to output to two different segment displays and take input from 8 dip switches.



Finished product