PONG game implemented with VHDL for use with Go Board FPGA w/ VGA output.

First step into the FPGA engineering world. I’ve been really interested in digital design for a while now and this seemed like a great project to start on. There were a lot of things to learn and a lot of issues to deal with, but it all worked out in the end. Read more here.

8 Bit Breadboard Computer

An 8 Bit Computer made on a breadboard with TTL chips.

A build of Ben Eater’s 8 Bit Breadboard computer that I call the Bentium. All logic done through TTL chips on a breadboard. Read more here.

Sort Visualizer

A program that visualizes different sorts. Now with 100% more sorts! and 1000% more bars!

My ongoing quest of making a program that visualizes sorting algorithms has come to a close. I’m really happy with this new iteration because it’s bigger and better than the last one. Read more here.


A VHDL implementation of the HACK computer architecture.

Another computer architecture implementation, but this time it’s VHDL-flavored! A lot of it is based on nand2tetris which is based on the Elements of Computing Systems book. Read more here.

Pomodoro Timer (Arduino)

An electronic Arduino based Pomodoro timer.

This Pomodoro timer feautures different modes with varying amounts of timer which is counted down in seconds. You can also pause the timer and resume it whenever you want to. Read more here.

Pomodoro Timer (Python)

Desktop program for use with the pomodoro technique.

I wanted to program something that I would actually use, so I built this. I often used the pomodoro technique whenever I studied and used a website called tomato timer, but the problem that I had was since it was web based, I would often get distracted and go on a different website instead of studying. Having my desktop based program solves that problem for me. Read more here.