The MSP430 is a low-cost microcontroller from Texas Instruments that is suitable for getting your feet wet into embedded work. The one I purchased for my own learning, experiments and testing is the MSP430G2452IN20.


  1. Have a surface-level understanding of embedded engineering techniques.
  2. Learn the basics of assembly and C.
  3. Have a solid foundation of fundamentals to carry over for future experiments with the STM32 platform.


This will be my first step into real embedded engineering. I am currently following this guide that introduces embedded engineering with the MSP430. Using arduinos like I have done in the past have abstracted away a lot of the magic that there is with embedded work and I would like to learn more and deepen my understanding of embedded work. Having done some computer architecture projects already, a lot of the hardware information about microcontrollers is very familiar to me and something that makes a lot of sense. As of right now, my focus is learning on how to use assembly more efficiently because I don’t have much experience with it other than programming my breadboard computer and a very trivial program for the HACK CPU I did in VHDL.

In my next lab experiment, I aim to set up the MSP430 tool chain and hopefully be able to program the board.