This website’s purpose was to help me showcase the things that I’ve done and hopefully I can show to other people and possibly future employers (hint hint). I used GitHub Pages to host my website which also supports jekyll themes. The jekyll theme I used is called “Beautiful Jekyll” which is a simple theme that can be customized and build more upon without having to need much prior knowledge in web design and HTML. I believe that I was able to use the theme to its intended purpose and was able to alter it enough to make it “my” website

what i learned

  1. What GitHub Pages was.
  2. What Markdown was.
  3. How to use Markdown in conjunction with HTML.



To be fair, I didn’t really learn much because prior to making this website, I’ve already taken some basic HTML courses online (Codecademy) and in school. I already had some basic knowledge of building basic websites with HTML. I also took a Web Design class in high school that mainly focused on the design aspect and UI/UX which taught me things like color schemes, how to make the user focus on the things that you want, how to make certain things “pop” more by altering colors, text and images. I think this website is the culmination/final product of everything that I learned in those classes.